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Patient Testimonials

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“Our son has had trouble staying dry though the night. I thought maybe it was because he drank too much before bedtime or because I forgot to remind him to go to the bathroom before going to bed. While we were seeing Dr. Darla for a different reason, she discovered a reflex issue that led her to ask about him having trouble at night. She made an adjustment and he has gone from 3-4 accidents a week to staying dry every night! We are so thankful for Dr. Darla and her staff!”
Nicole R.

“My daughter was having issues with her feet. We went to a podiatrist and they recommended inserts. We heard through a friend that Lammers Chiropractic Care did foot scans. Come to find out my daughter had flat feet and that was causing all her problems. Once Dr. Darla got her orthotics ordered she has had no problems with her feet. She received her first pair at the age of 4. She will be celebrating her 16th birthday in a month. Thanks Lammers Chiropractic Care for having this wonderful service for us.”
Nancy E.

Health Care for Children at Lammers Chiropractic Care
Health care for Pre-Teens at Lammers Chiropractic Care
“Dr. Darla is great. She shows great empathy and concern for her patients. She always makes the patient feel better. Always learning something new.”
Kim W.

“I started with Dr. Lammers at the suggestion of family. I always liked her because she always seems to find the source of my pain. Due to an occurrence while at her office, I was directed to my OBGYN where I was told I had cancer in my uterus. I have always felt like Dr. Lammers saved my life, as her adjustment showed the doctors what the problem was. I firmly believe she saved my life.”
Alice R.
Health Care for Seniors at Lammers Chiropractic Care
Health care for toddlers at Lammers Chiropractic Care

“I would like to let everyone know whose out there considering a chiropractor I recommend Dr. Darla Lammers and her assistants. Dr. Darla has helped me through many difficult times and is still helping me. Her assistants also help. They are an awesome bunch of women who care about the person.”  
Pam B.  

“My trips to see the chiropractor were usually a last resort; when I couldn’t walk or stand up straight. I first started going to Dr. Darla’s about 4 years ago, and made a point of going on a monthly basis. I’ve noticed with this regular “maintenance,” my overall health and posture have never been better. My wife and young kids are also regular patients. The entire staff is friendly and professional. Highly recommended!”  
Michael K.

Health Care for Children at Lammers Chiropractic Care
Health care for Pre-Teens at Lammers Chiropractic Care
“Every time I come here, everyone is always positive and welcoming. I always look forward to my appointments because Dr. Darla is always looking forward to helping me feel better and that’s all I could as for. The girls here are so helpful to Dr. Darla and they also help me feel better. If I’ve had a bad day and come in to get adjusted, the all make me feel so much better. They all can relate to my feelings and do their best to do what they can to help me. After getting adjusted I feel great and I’m so thankful to have a great chiropractor like Dr. Darla.”
Hope W.

Health care for young adults at Lammers Chiropractic Care
Health care for infants and babies at Lammers Chiropractic Care
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